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Atlanta, Georgia’s Premier Airport Sweeping, Roadway Sweeping and Municipal Sweeping Company!

AC Sweepers & Maintenance is Atlanta, Georgia’s premier service provider for airport sweeping, roadway sweeping, municipal sweeping and other exterior commercial property and parking lot needs

AC Sweepers and Maintenance provides parking garage, common area, and sidewalk sweeping and scrubbing services in and around metro Atlanta, Georgia areas.

Maintaining a clean, well-tended parking garage is one of the top priorities for your facility to make a positive first impression. In today’s competitive business climate, a dirt-free environment is essential to attract quality retail tenants and their customers.

Your property’s visual appeal to customers and potential tenants is as important as ever, but AC Sweepers and Maintenance understands tightening maintenance budgets have forced you to consider reducing scheduled sweeping.

Outsourcing your parking sweeping and site maintenance to AC Sweepers and Maintenance keeps you on-budget while your parking garage, common areas, and surrounding entry points remain trash-free and looking sharp!

Dirt, debris, and litter accumulate every day from the constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving through your parking garage. That kind of a mess, left unattended and uncared for, negatively affects the appearance of your property. But the dirt also gets tracked into the retail stores or offices attached to your parking facility.

These sediments cause wear and tear not just to your parking garage, but also to your tenants’ spaces and common areas.

Most engineers recommend regularly scheduled cleaning of parking decks, particularly in the spring of the year, to remove salt sediments that can corrode the surface and sub-surface of a parking garage. As a recommended best management practice, having a consistent, professional sweeping maintenance program improves your image and has been proven to extend the life-span of your parking garage and exterior areas, ultimately saving you time and money.

We offer customized plans with proven results to fit the unique needs in a commercial parking garage. We have trained, experienced employees who are detail-oriented and care about the look that you project as well as the environmental impact of regular sweeping.

Since 2000, Atlanta clients have counted on our Airport Sweeping, Roadway Sweeping, Municipal Sweeping for parking lots, homeowner’s associations, businesses, shopping centers, construction sites and more. Our flexible scheduling options and affordable pricing reflect our dedication to customer service and our Atlanta clients. We have crews working and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing us to efficiently cater to your parking lot maintenance needs in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Your parking lot is a facility that you offer to better serve your clients or to attract new ones. Before clients see your office, store or facility, learn about your services, or become aware of your products, the first thing they notice is your parking lot. A clean parking lot is the first impression potential clients will see, which is why you need a quality power sweeping company.
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Maintaining clean surroundings is a necessity, not just inside the building, but outside as well which should be serviced by an experienced parking lot sweeping service. Having a clean parking lot and maintaining it will lessen the damage your property suffers over time. Cleanliness is a key to keeping your property looking fresh and new.
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A reliable sweeping service is a service provider that will schedule quality cleaning when it is least disruptive to your work schedules. We understand the laws surrounding construction track out and EPA guidelines for property development. Contact us and let us help keep your Construction Project clean and on schedule.
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Whether your tenants have left pallets by the back door or someone has dumped a sofa or mattress by the dumpster, we dispose of bulk refuse responsibly. Bulk item disposal ensures that your property remains safe and clutter free.
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Day Porter is an on site litter removal and property maintenance team member present during operating hours. We perform anything from basic litter removal to window washing and scrubbing trash can lids to ensure that your property looks its absolute best.

We are a fully insured company. Our equipment is the latest model and well-maintained to provide top-quality power sweeping services for our Atlanta clients. We hold our company to the sweeping industry’s highest ethical standards, evident by our membership in the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA)1-800-SWEEPER and the World Sweeping Association. Our participation in these organizations provides us with the information we need to keep our Atlanta, Georgia clients updated with the latest tips and techniques in our industry.

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